The Whole Life Challenge

An Employee Wellness Program (that could actually make your employees well).

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This is a Different Kind of Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is meant to transform your company’s culture.

(It’s a bold claim for an online health and fitness challenge, but stay with us).

We believe that by giving your employees a tool to improve their lives that actually works, you’ll do what no raise, title bump, or feel-good initiative ever could – you’ll show them you care.

Because you’ll make them healthier and happier. Not in word, but in deed.

And in doing so, your business will become a different place to work. A better place to work, with dedication, collaboration, and results-oriented thinking flowing naturally.

It could become the place you always wanted it to be.

How it Works

The Whole Life Challenge is a 6-week online event, designed to help your employees build good habits around 7 key areas of health and well-being.

Over the course of the Challenge, they’ll learn these habits, becoming happier and healthier, better able to manage stress, and more connected to their colleagues. With dedication, they’ll likely feel fantastic – losing weight, adopting new levels of self-care, and bonding through the journey of growing together.

They’ll feel transformed. And it will show in everything they do.

Leader Driven

Most corporate wellness programs are hands-off.

This isn’t one of them.

We believe that the Challenge must be led from the front – with your leaders showing that they care not only through their words, but through their actions, joining and leading their teams.

We believe in the maxim that you should never ask your team to do something you won’t do yourself.

And if you’re able to make this commitment, we’ll meet you with 100% support, constant guidance, and training. We’ll help you build your team, lead it to success, and measure how things went.

It’s Not About the Money

Corporate wellness is big on promising financial benefits.

Ringing the register with bottom-line changes. Driving reduced insurance premiums. Promising ROI on every dollar spent.

We won’t make those claims.

(Not because we can’t, but because we don’t think that’s the point.)

Instead, we’ll stipulate that making your employees well isn’t a spreadsheet exercise.

It’s an exercise in doing the right thing.

And your culture will reflect every ounce of that effort.

Build a happier, healthier business in 6 weeks.

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The Challenge is Easy to Play

The Challenge happens via the game website.

Playing individually or as part of a team, your employees will enter a score each day for their adherence to the 7 Habits. As they make progress, they’ll see their daily scores improve on the leaderboard, motivating them to make further progress – whether they compare their performance to each other, the world, or only to themselves.

In addition, they’ll receive regular videos, articles, and emails, created by our staff of experts to educate them on the “how to” and “why”of good health, keeping them engaged (and entertained) by the Challenge.

This keeps your team involved for the long-term, minimizing drop outs and maximizing their results – while making them genuine fans of the Challenge.

Expect Big Changes

You will see your employees lose weight. You’ll see them become more active. You’ll see them make different choices at lunch, and you’ll see them become noticeably healthier and more energetic. Still, outward appearance is only the tip of the spear.

You’ll also see them become more focused and optimistic. You’ll see them develop deeper camaraderie and better attitudes. You may even see them enjoying work more, becoming less stressed and more productive and impacting your culture in a very big way.

This is the reality of a truly effective workplace wellness program: the value of creating healthy employees extends far beyond health.

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Upcoming Challenge Start Date(s)

The next Challenge is coming up — It’s a 6-week global event, with tens of thousands of players and hundreds of participating businesses in every iteration.

The Next Challenge Starts April 13