Be active 10 minutes a day.

There is an entire world of debate about what kind of exercise you should be doing (and we find the conversation interesting).

Nonetheless, we’re more concerned with the fact that you exercise—period.

At the Whole Life Challenge, we recognize that all types of exercise have tremendous benefits, from running and weight training to swimming to yoga to hiking to pure play.

Our goal is for you to choose one (or explore your options), developing a habit of daily movement.

If you do, we believe you’ll reap the mental benefits of stress reduction and happiness along with the physical benefits of improved health, strength, body composition, and mastery of movement.

Most importantly, we believe that a criteria as simple at “be active 10 minutes a day” will allow you to find joy in exercise.

Selecting the activities that matter most to you, enabling you to build a lifelong habit that lasts far beyond your next exercise program.

Have Questions About Exercise?

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